Dedicated Nutrition Headshot (60ml)

Dedicated Nutrition Headshot (60ml)

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Headshot™ will provide an extreme rush of energy and focus for whatever your sport, work or life throws at you. Take a Headshot™ and take your performance to the next level.

Headshot™ works in mere seconds and will continue to work for several hours. Unlike any other energy shot or drink, Headshot™ will not give you the dreaded crash. Headshot™ will provide a nice clean shot of energy that will last for hours, without giving you a drained and fatigued feeling afterwards.
If you need to stay on top of your business, focused and productive at work, dominate your competition or just be your absolute best. Simply take the shot.
BOOM! Headshot™
Say hello to my little friend!
Headshot™ is unlike any other energy shot or drink and will give incomparable results. Containing a never before seen combination of extremely potent and unique ingredients at the highest concentrations possible, Headshot™ will fire you up in seconds:
An amino acid that has incredible performance enhancing as well as cognitive benefits. It will increase blood flow to working muscles and your brain. Agmatine Enhances muscle strength and decreases the perception of pain and fatigue.
L-Tyrosine is an amino acid that not only provides energy, but also promotes well-being, increases memory function and laser sharp focus.
Choline Bitartrate
An essential B vitamin that stimulates cognitive functions as well as increase endurance and stamina.
Beta Alanine
An amino acid that’s being used by muscles to buffer lactic acid. Buffering lactic acid means it can delay the burning sensation during exercise and reduce muscle fatigue. Beta Alanine might give a tingling sensation after ingestion. This effect is completely harmless and will subside in minutes.
Caffeine Anhydrous
One of the purest and fastest absorbing forms of Caffeine. Caffeine stimulates energy, endurance and reaction time.
Ingredients: Water, Glycine, Agmatine Sulphate (Agmapure®), N-Acetyl-L-Tyrosine, Beta Alanine, Acid (L-Malic Acid E296, Citric Acid E330), Choline Bitartre, Flavour, Caffeine Anhydrous, Preservatives (Sodium Benzoate E211, Potassium Sorbate E202), Sweeteners (Sodium Cyclamate E952, Acesulfame K E950, Sucralose E955, Sodium Saccharin E954), Tri-Sodium Citrate E331iii, Sodium Gluconate, Colouring Agent (Red Colour E124 (Contains Azo Dye)).
Warning: Contains about as much caffeine as five cups of premium brewed coffee. Limit or avoid products containing caffeine to avoid jitters, sleeplessness and rapid heartbeat. Contains Beta Alanine so some people may experience a flush feeling, hot sensation or redness of skin that lasts for a few minutes. Not for use by children, pregnant women or individuals sensitive to caffeine. Do not consume more than 1 shot every 12 hours. No refrigeration necessary. Discard unused shot.

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